HispanicHeritage CookOff

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It was a great night complete with numerous families, food, and good times. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Miriam Ayala went home with 2 awards for her amazing salsa and unbelievable Tres Leches cake. Historian/Art Ed Chair, Joshua Swodeck went home with an award for his (and his wife, Chara’s too) Hatch New Mexico Green Chili concoction. The Best in show award, which was a wooden spoon with custom burning by one of our local Pomona wood-burning/tattoo artists, went to an old school cook (one of our Lincoln Grandmas) who dished out some of the best posole we’ve tasted in some time.

Overall, the night was a great success and we look forward to our next cook offs, celebrating our Asian cultures in January and Black History Month in February. Thank you to everyone who put in tireless hours to make this happen and thank you all the judges and cook off participants. Thanks to Mrs. McMullin and her sons for providing the entertainment…and we’re not just talking about the music.

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