The Bulldog Store & Room 11

It’s been a long road getting into effect a long lost staple at Lincoln Elementary…the Bulldog Store. For years, it has been housed in a storage closet and rarely opened, but in recent weeks, the Lincoln PTA volunteers have transformed our new PTA room 11 into a functioning PTA headquarters complete with the new Bulldog Store.

We have Bulldog shirts, hoodies, backpacks and lanyards. We’ve also stocked the store with paperback books, erasers, giant pencils, jump ropes, and even some cuddly bone shape stuffed toys.

Room 11, the new Lincoln PTA Headquarters, is guaranteed open on Thursdays (which is when we usually have a full house of volunteers), however there is almost always someone in there on every other day helping do prep work for our teachers, fulfilling chocolate orders, or working on plans to make our school better. Everyone is welcome to come by to say hey or ask questions or VOLUNTEER (hint, hint). For the kids of our volunteers, we have a few toys, puzzles, coloring stuff and even a fairly large library. After school, it is common to see some of our kids doing homework, sitting reading a book, creating a masterpiece or pretending to be king of the world.

Overall, we are very excited about this year and your Lincoln PTA is committed to do everything in it’s power to support our teachers, staff and school board in making Lincoln the shining star in Pomona it once was.

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