Lincoln PTA RE:CYCLE Program

Bring in your clean, empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans and CapriSun pouches. We will have a team in front of the school collecting recycling items on Thursday mornings before school. Every student who brings recycling to school on Thursdays will be entered in a monthly drawing for a unique recycled/renewed gift and their name will be placed on the giant “PTA Recycling Tree” located outside the PTA room. Everyone who’s name is on the tree will be invited to a special Earth Day fair in April with local artists, crafts and entertainment.

All the proceeds from the recycling plastic bottles goes towards charity:water‘s “Water for Schools” program which is a student-led campaign to raise awareness and funds for water projects in developing nations. Be involved and start helping people in need get access to clean, safe drinking water.

Proceeds from all the aluminum cans we receive go towards some of our local charities that parents and students tell us about. Giving back to your community can be as simple as saving your soda cans.

We also participate in the CapriSun “Earn Cash for School” program, so bring in your clean, empty CapriSun pouches and help us raise money for student incentives, awards and supplies.


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