Read Across America & Suess Birthday

March 2nd is Read Across America day and Dr. Suess’ birthday. This year we celebrated it in a big way. All the students, teachers and staff (most of them anyway) dressed in pajamas to get ready for some serious reading. We had numerous special guests on campus, including Dodger Alumni, Dennis Powell. We also had our Pomona Police, Pomona Fire Department, the lovely Dr. Roberta Perlman as well as many more who came out and read some of our favorite Dr. Suess books in each classroom. The Cat in the Hat & Mrs. Cat in the Hat visited the lower grade classes and gave out a new book to each student (thanks to the generous donation by our newest Pomona USD Board of Education member & Lincoln PTA member, Frank Guzman).

We followed the reading with Papa Johns Pizza and a little dance break for lunch. Students joined in and danced around the Pomona USD party truck.

Then, the finale…our Accelerated Reader certificates. This year, our principal, Alicia McMullin sat reluctantly, while two student representatives, who completed their A.R. goals, from each class were handed a whip cream pie to toss at her. She graciously smiled and joked with the students as they lined up and began tossing the pies…one by one.

Overall it was a fantastic day that our students will remember for years to come and spark a new love for reading.

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A special thanks to all our guest readers: Louis Robbins (Pomona Library), Erica Ambriz (the office of Congresswoman Normas Torres), Amir Mertaban (Fairplex), Allen Aguilar (Rocket Learning), Dr. Roberta Perlman (Pomona USD – Vice President of Board of Education), Joshua Swodeck (PTA Arts Education Chair), Doyle Coleman (Urban League), Julie Rodriguez (Pomona USD), Amos (Pomona Pride), Enrique Medina (Pomona USD) Monika Schuster (Pomona Police), Danielle Soto (City of Pomona Council Member), Laria Allen (Employment Development Department) Lilia Fuentes (Pomona USD), Dennis Powell (Los Angeles Dodgers), Western University, Pomona Fire Department, and Lincoln PTA (for donating all the food and balloons in the guest greenroom…the library)

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