An Arts Experience

A small group of kids from Lincoln Elementary got to experience being an artist hands-on today. Eight of our kids won the grand prize from our last fundraiser…a Limo ride. But, where would this limo take them? To a park? To Chuck E. Cheese? To McDonalds? No. We took them to the AMOCA, American Museum of Ceramic Art, about five blocks up the street. We followed that up with a quick visit with sculptor, Dan Romero, at the Sculpture Park.

At AMOCA, they toured the KilnOpening exhibit featuring work by local high school and college students and their teachers. Following a quick tour, we made a beeline to their large ceramics studio to try our hands at our own ceramic sculptures. Watching the kids make a mess with the clay and come up the most creative piggybank/fountain/whatchmacallits was a treat. We will be picking up their art pieces next week after they have been heated in the Kiln.

Then we make a quick run, via our limo, over to the Sculpture Park. We watched Dan cut some metal with his blowtorch and laughed as Mrs. McMullen and Chara Swodeck played on the 3-person Teeter-Totter.

We ended with a ice cream sandwiches…just as it started to rain. It was a great afternoon.

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Tomorrow, we celebrate Earth Day with our Earth Festival at Lincoln as well as launch our last fundraiser of the year…chocolate sales. It’s going to be a busy day.


One thought on “An Arts Experience

  1. I had such a great time! Pomona needs to wake up and make it AMOCA. What a wonderful experience. Thank you PTA!

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