Principal Awards

This year, Mrs. McMullin began giving Principal Awards to students who scored 90-100% in one or both categories of the District Wide Assessment tests, many of which scored 100% on both. The amount of students brought up to the stage and given the award, which consisted of a certificate and a special “Principal’s Award” spirit stick, was astonishing. Name after name were called, leaving Mrs. McMullin’s voice hoarse. It was a touching moment and an obvious realization of the phenomenal drive to succeed our students, teachers and parents at Lincoln have.

We are so proud of our students at Lincoln Elementary who have not taken lightly the call to action to do their best. The PTA has purchased 100 spirit sticks so far (we ran out already) and is purchasing another few hundred to make it through the next round of testing. Keep up the great work students.

In a school where a high population has struggled in the past due to language and economic obstacles, it is an amazing hurdle to see so many excelling far beyond social expectations. Congratulations Lincoln students!

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One thought on “Principal Awards

  1. Yes, I was happily hoarse after all the names but it was worth it. With PTA’s great help, our students are being recognized for the awesome scholars that they are. Lincoln students and PTA rock!

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